Home Preparation

  • Cornerstone Property Management will do a preliminary inspection to help landlords and/or owners get their properties in rentable condition. We are happy to get bids and have work completed if your home needs some updating, paint, or general maintenance.
  • We provide our rent estimate and any other homes specific suggestions to help you get the most out of your rental.

Tenant Screening

  • We run credit checks, criminal background checks, income checks, employment confirmation, and rental history.
  • Provide all leasing materials and negotiate rate and term with tenant.
  • We show the property to all interested and qualified parties.

Ongoing Service

  • Collect rents and deposits.
  • Disburse rents to owners.
  • Provide detailed monthly and year end statements to owners and tenants. Owner statements include copies of all invoices paid to maintenance or other for owner review.
  • Provide around the clock marketing of your property.


  • Ongoing maintenance is provided via Cornerstone Property Management.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency services. 
  • We always bill the tenant for anything that is not general wear and tear
  • Owners are notified whenever maintenance must be completed.
  • Jobs over $200 are sent for bid when requested by owner.
  • Ongoing maintenance such as sprinkler blowout, furnace cleaning, etc. can all be handled by Cornerstone Property Management at owner request.


  • We handle the entire process on your behalf
  • Deliver 3-day notice to quit and send tenant to the attorney.
  • Schedule the writ.
  • Schedule the county sheriff.
  • Perform the actual eviction.
  • Represent you in court if necessary.
  • Thorough documentation the entire process to help protect your investment.


  • All information with exception of tenant SS# is available to our owners.
  • You will never see any direct Cornerstone Property Management fee other than leasing and the monthly management fee.